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Found in 1972, Nori Group is proud to be one of the pioneers in the research and development of the diversity and interference between Japanese cuisine and the style of world cuisines. We have 12 branches with various cuisines in Japan, we are willing to listen to and receive feedback from customers, constantly improving the quality of food and services. With the expectation of becoming the top of restaurant chain in Vietnam, Osaka Sushi was first launched on 29th November, 2019, marking the first development of Nori Group out of the country of Sakura country.

Besides the quality of the strictly selected ingredients with our experienced and dedicated staff, we are confident to bring the best experience to our customers when coming to Osaka Sushi!

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Outstanding delicacies 

Fresh vegetable with tomato miso sauce

Fresh Vegetable with Tomato Miso Sauce

Vegetables and fruits served with tomato miso sauce with full of nutritious flavor, mixed with tomato miso sauce creates a light aroma when we cooked, creamy flavor combines with sauce to create a sense of melting gradually when enjoying appetizer dishes.

Osaka deluxe assorted sashimi

Osaka Deluxe Assorted Sashimi

Full of High-class Sashimi is considered as “The soul of country” Japanese cuisine requires from the knowledge of Chef and enthusiasm extremely. Along with carefully selected ingredients and imported directly from Japan, Osaka Sushi Restaurant believes that you will feel the dedication of Osaka in every slice.

Osaka deluxe assorted sushi

Osaka Deluxe Assorted Sushi

Full of High-class sushi in the culture of Japanese cuisine. Sushi is the traditional dish, it is combined rice with vinegar and meats, seafood, vegetables with many variety forms but still retaining the subtlety of flavor and presentation.

Grilled wagyu beef

Grilled Wagyu Beef

In addition to being famous for subtly preserving the original flavors of ingredients, Japanese Grill & Tempura are also famous around the world for their signature marinated spices. In particular, customers will never forget the taste of grilled crab with seafood or Wagyu Beef pan fried after experiencing at Osaka Sushi restaurant.

Osaka sushi lunch

Osaka Sushi Lunch

A pure combination of Osaka Sushi for lunch between the culture of Japanese culsine with full of fresh and green vegetables, combined with seafood served with a special sauce makes a great lunch at Osaka Sushi restaurant.

Osaka sushi lunch

Orange Jelly

In the spirit of respecting the natural flavor of each dish, modern Japanese desserts are a great combination of Western style and traditional ingredients such as green tea, red beans, jelly, etc.. Feel the sweetness of fresh oranges mixed with a refreshing taste of jelly while enjoying a dessert at Osaka Sushi restaurant.

Osaka Sushi

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